Press release PDF: 

A digital light sculpture created by Richard Grant, Son.im founder.

Collaboratively produced with an extensive and brilliant network of talented coders and technicians.
Utilising addressable LED technology, extensive 3Dprinting, traditional fabrication and Bluetooth update control via Android phone resulting in lit communicative sculptural elements (5v USB battery powered).

Quotem communicates with the viewer by revealing itself in multiple ways. The engaged participant must decipher messages, to learn, experience and share.

Initially the bright lights attract the viewer, drawing them in closer.

The participant realises the light sources, each element, has a form. Letters appear…the “photonic “alphabet…

Beautiful illuminations ebb and flow, like modern neon or Abyssal Aliens…the messages arrive.
The viewer must decipher them, to learn, to experience and share.

Quotem is available to purchase (fully customised), or to hire for unique events and experiences.


In what is likely a world first, whilst on exhibit as part of the  Hackoustic Presents (May 10th 2019). The brilliant Adrian Holder, digital audio sculptor directed his sensor at Quotem to give a fully digital tool-path to new musical creation. Live!

The incredible moment when a digital music artist Adrian Holder, created their music using sensor input scanned from digital light sculpture Quotem. 


Quotem was selected to be a key clue in the Hacker zone for Midnight Madness 2019.  A London wide escape room fundraiser with 300 contestants raising £350,000 plus for RYH. A huge experiential immersive environment supported by the biggest global sponsors.

This unique event was a massive success combining incredible puzzles that will no doubt inspire many to do even more in future. At the request of the organisers Quotem was reprogrammed to provide the unique coded clue vital to enable the teams to progress. Son.im consults on projects such as this from the get go.