Invented and developed specifically to 3DPrint large sculptures, @FuseDeep is a fast and strong FDM 3DPrinter standing at 2100mm tall.
Built from scratch in collaboration with key industry partners. Incorporating a number of innovations based on Richard’s deep 3DPrinting experience.

  • Build volume: 1700x500x500mm
  • Lubrication free operation incorporating IGUS abrasion resistant polymer bearings and gantry.
  • Easily relocated, wheels through most single doorways to be used in dusty or non clean environments (Studios, sound stages, educational establishments etc).
  • Rugged chassis and components ensure reliability.
  • Intended to print PLA Bio plastic, easily composted or recycled. Large format 3dPrints are post print reinforced.

@Fusedeep and two Makergear M2 professional 3DPrinters are available for use on Son.im projects.