@FuseDeep (fast and large) is a unique large format FDM 3D Printer built from scratch and incorporating numerous innovations based on Richard Grant’s deep 3DPrinting experience. 

Specifically developed to 3DPrint large sculptural elements its scale, logistical ease and format are ideal for live events.

  • Build volume: 1700x500x500mm. Stands at 2100mm tall.
  • Lubrication free operation and corrosion free structure.
  • Easily relocated, travels via integrated wheels through standard single doorways. 
  • Dust protected key elements enable use in dusty or non clean environments (Studios, sound stages, educational establishments and jungles etc).
  • Rugged chassis and components ensure reliability.
  • 240v/24v/Solar and Battery UPS power options.
  • Prints PLA Bio plastic (compost-able & recyclable)
  • Optimised for “vase” style 3D Printing, giving the most efficient speed versus scale results.
  • Large format 3D Prints are post print reinforced with composites and/or art-worked for install, filming or fine art exhibition (or any conceivable application).

@FuseDeep and two Makergear M2 professional 3DPrinters are available for use on Son.im projects. For further information and consultancy, please contact:  create@Son.im


An early supporter of the “Thingiverse” sharing community, many of Richard’s unique designs have been downloaded thousands of times (8000+ in some cases). Each design is optimised for simple, support free printing (minimising material use and 3D Printing time).