CREATE represents sound and vision (Sonic / image) and operates a nuclear model agency.

World leading collaborative talent and experienced leadership ensure creative and technical resources are maximised. 

Strengths are played to, resulting in developmental and proven methods leading to incredible results.


Initial consultation assesses client project and brand needs.

Discussion, experience and instinct match requirements to corresponding talent, creativity and technology.

A suitable budget portion is set aside (often between 25-50%) for testing and development –
Pure invention giving way to innovative art and projects.


Experience earned on complex global projects for extremely demanding stakeholders develops perspective. Ensuring novel results across;
Advertising / Branding
Social content / film
Experiential / events
Digital experiences
Built bespoke/immersive
Deep technical knowledge vies with creativity for successful projects.

Everything is possible

Sometimes, someone asks a really simple question that is particularly hard to answer.
When you next scratch your head (for real or metaphorically), remember that you should be enjoying this…

Not struggling.

Renowned as a secret weapon for the toughest nuts to crack, combining concept, creativity
and technology and ready to answer any question.

Impossible or not, we can help.


Global brands, UHNW individuals and the finest artists trust us to guide and develop their ideas and passions.
Unique solutions to entirely new situations.


Perhaps a new concept pitch is proving tricky, or a one off bespoke build is needed for a brand pop-up?
Maybe it’s a politics issue between stakeholders… Whatever it happens to be, let’s talk.


An approach founded on decades of creativity, development troubleshooting and builds for the biggest brands and their special projects gives unique and powerful perspective.

Solving problems for...

Miniatures & Set Lead / Standby

Production design / Lead build

Invited Mentor

Miniatures & Set Lead / Standby

TATE Late 29/11/2019 invited Artist 

SFX rig dev / Tech & Standby

UK/Malta Coordinator SFX

Serbia Producer SFX consult

Global Experiential Disney/AD

Coordinator SFX/AD/Designer

Coordinator SFX/Designer/lead tech

Lead Miniatures/Props/Moulds

Coordinator SFX/Lead Tech/Floor FX

Disney Global Experiential /AD

Bespoke Built/Popup/Digital Tech

Lead Miniatures/Props/Moulds

Lead Miniatures/Props/Moulds

Lead Miniatures/Props/Moulds

Lead Miniatures/Sets/Sculpts/AD

Lead Miniatures Landmarks

Lead SFX/Props/Standby

Build Lead/IN/OUT Logistics Lead

Showtech Consult/Delivery Lead

Disney Experiential Troubleshoot


SFX Props/Action Props/Specialist

Coordinator SFX/Designer/Lead Tech

KING Pop-Up/Digital Tech/Brand 

Action Props/SFX Moulds/Breakaway

Bespoke built Lead/Digital Fab.

Content Props/Consult/Standby

Action Props/SFX Standby/Models

Lead SFX Miniatures/Sculpts/Moulds

So what's the story behind...

…those cool abstract header images above CREATE / SOLVE / LEAD?

They are all elements of complex and innovative projects. Starting with CREATE.

A fine art developmental piece titled: “Cellular bowl”. Remarkable for contrasting and highlighting certain  incredible aspects of 3DPrinting /Additive manufacturing.

How is this achieved? On the face of it this small sculpture is a combination of organic profiling based on cell wall patterns and a simple extruded form factor. 

However the removal of the bowl shaped scoop turns it on its head.

Pretty much impossible to make through traditional means, yet simple and visually engaging, it very simply exemplifies both the simplicity and complexity enabled by this new technology.

This simple sculpture both delights and surprises everyone that sees it, regardless of its final 3DPrinted dimensions.

A project successful on a number of levels, and a beautiful sculpture.

The second element SOLVE is a longer story and equally unusual. Developing a screenplay narrative foretelling the now widely understood problem of low Earth orbit debris causing huge problems.  Extensive communications with a NASA department head allowed this ongoing idea to be developed. An image that spoke of the destruction, desolation and human loss caused by projectiles  travelling at 12 miles/second…

The visual power of a glass chip star was selected, made from human shaped elements to contain visceral, tech and horror narratives within one image.

The final element in this triptych journey is mold breaking and unexpected; LEAD.

A strong passion for music, audio and acoustics with deep invention within those fields both technically and in application goes without saying. founder, Richard Grant was asked to be one of the mentor team at the first ever Abbey road Hackathon held over a 48 hour period in Studio 1 and hosted by their innovation department, RED.

A hugely significant event and the repercussions from it continue to reverberate.