Sound Play Sculpture

What is it? Simply put, Sculpture pieces intended to be touched, moved and played. Anyone can pick up an incredible piece of art and start to learn how it works and what noise it can make, or how to “play” it, literally!?

Using forms and colour combinations from traditional Circus motifs and inspiration from musical giants such as “The Beatles”, these joyful pieces surprise and delight…

All pieces are available to purchase or hire for private, corporate and fine art events, for further information and to commission a unique piece, email; 


Scratch: Sound Play Sculpture


Invited along to this event as part of the Exhibition Road wider celebrations, and as part of the collective, it was a brilliant day in a stunning venue (The RCM Organ Hall)!

Asked to bring a number of new pieces and some larger floor-fillers, the engagement and play on show was vibrant and beautiful. Pieces exhibited;

HOOPLA – A large sound sculpture for…playing with! Raise “Hoopla” above your head & 
experience spatial sounds as the whirring effect orbits you on an infinite journey. Hold “Hoopla” with a friend & share the spinning sensation…can you silence the madness?

FAB  – Make the chiming ball sing n’ ring as it travels throughout the beautiful maze. Handles each end make this sculpture addictive & fun…You are in control!

REVOLUTION  –  Work out the best way to generate amazing noises from this hand held sculpture. Once revved up, how long can you hold on as the sound is amplified, accelerates and intensifies!? Exciting, vibrant & intense!

HELTER – SKELTER  – Chiming spheres clatter through this ludicrous ride, landing with a crash! A noisy, madcap sound sculpture inspired by magical music & traditional mayhem.

SCRATCH – Don these wrist worn sculptures then…Scratch it up baby! 

SHHARE  – (Fully updated since the Tate Late) Whisper quietly to enable deceit that leads to public intimacy. Discover your own unique conduit of communication from via 256 possible connecting options, whilst others seek theirs. What might they be whispering directly into each others ears – who else might be listening? 

The following images credited to; Polly Swann/  


Shhare: Sound Play Sculpture

Helter-Skelter: Sound Play Sculpture

Revolution: Sound Play Sculpture

Further video and information to follow.

To commission a unique piece, email;