A range of unique free form sculptures created from traditional contemporary materials including Oak and Stainless Steel combined with the very latest 3DPrinting, Bio based plastic. Further augmented visually with ancient stone, novel Gold and hand applied finishes. 

Named after the 4th Industrial Revolution, comprising primarily of digital and distributed technology innovation, these pieces were born during extensive testing of my very large 3dPrinter FuseDeepresulting in the creation of numerous beautiful large 3dprinted objects, abstract forms and iconic statues. 

Never wanting to waste anything, the most constructive use of these technically innovative 3DPrints was to upcycle them into sculpture in their own right. 

Mounted on 150mm (6″) Green Oak cubes, these age gracefully alongside their exhibits, standing, overall at approx. 500 to 700mm in height. 

Rev4 sculptures priced at £2,950.00 each plus global shipping.

For further information and to commission a unique piece, email;